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Prize Young Scholars 2022

The Walter Benjamin Kolleg bundles the various inter- and transdisciplinary research activities that are conducted at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and is committed to the promotion of young scholars.

Since 2020, the Kolleg awards the annual prize Young Scholars to excellent young researchers from Switzerland and abroad who successfully work in an interdisciplinary manner and effectively communicate their research to a broad public in a lively, comprehensive and vivid manner.

This award aims to identify and promote young talent by increasing their visibility, creating better networking opportunities and providing them with new impetus for scientific and intellectual development. In return and at the same time, the young researchers at the Kolleg benefit from the exchange with the awardees.

The prize is awarded at a public event in one of the Bernese cultural institutions. The format of this public event is flexible in terms of topic, presentation and location, which ensures that new opportunities for cooperation can arise each time. In addition, the visitors who attend this public event at one of the cultural institutions gain an insight into the current research in the humanities, cultural studies, and social sciences.

For the year 2022, members of the Faculty of Humanities may send their suggestions and proposals to by September 15, 2022. International candidates are especially welcome.

Self-application with a letter of motivation and a letter of reference is also possible.

Selection process
• selection by the Steering Committee of the Kolleg

Selection criteria
• outstanding interdisciplinary research in the humanities, cultural studies, and social sciences at a Swiss university or abroad
• experience in communicating one's own research to a broad public
• Ph.D. that was awarded no more than five years ago (net academic age)

A proposal in a PDF file includes
• name and institutional affiliation of the proposed person
• curriculum vitae and evidence of experience in science communication
• justification of suitability according to the selection criteria
• in case of self-application: additionally, a letter of motivation and a reference


Datore di lavoro: 
Walter Benjamin Kolleg
Data di scadenza: 
15 Settembre, 2022